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Walter Bradley on Origin of Life Research (Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020 Pt1)

Published on 27 Mar 2020 / In Film & Animation

The origin of life from non-life remains one of the most enduring mysteries of modern science. Dr. Walter Bradley explains why materialist suppositions fail as science, pointing to the need for an intelligent author of the first life. At the 2020 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith his presentation explored the paradox-filled intellectual world of origin-of-life research. According to Bradley, one of science's biggest questions has always been, and remains, what is the origin of the first life? The Baylor University Distinguished Professor of Engineering Emeritus and co-author of the seminal intelligent design book The Mystery of Life’s Origin, discussed the current state of the research which is that scientists simply don't know what brought about the first life.

Also in this segment, a Q&A session with three scientists who sparked the modern intelligent design revolution. That was in 1984 with the publication of The Mystery of Life’s Origin (see https://www.discovery.org/stor....e/product/the-myster The pioneering authors, biochemist Charles Thaxton, materials scientist Walter Bradley, and geochemist Roger Olsen, were interviewed by Center for Science & Culture director Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in Cell and Darwin's Doubt.

The annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith explores exciting scientific discoveries about the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the development of biological complexity, as well as critiquing the scientific and cultural impact of Darwinism. It also deals directly with the intersection of science and religion and the role that faith plays in scientific research and study.

Walter L. Bradley is a senior fellow with Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture and the namesake of the Institute's Walter Bradley Center for Natural & Artificial Intelligence. He received his B.S. degree in Engineering Science (Physics) in 1965 and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in 1968, both from the University of Texas (Austin). He subsequently taught at the Colorado School of Mines, Texas A&M University as Full Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and for 10 years at Baylor University as a Distinguished Professor. His research area has been Materials Science and Engineering, with a focus on the mechanical properties of plastics and polymeric (plastic) composite materials, fracture and life prediction. He has received more than $7 million in research funding and published more than 150 refereed technical papers and book chapters. He has been honored by the American Society for Materials and the Society of Plastics Engineers as Educator of the Year. His most recent work has focused on converting agricultural waste into functional fillers for engineering plastics to provide new economic opportunities for poor farmers in developing countries.

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