Hunter: The Documentary (short teaser)

22 Mar 2020

Dear fans of Hunter, and of the Documentary,

After the privilege of spending so much time with Hunter over the last year of his life, shooting on the documentary has sadly come to an end with Hunter's passing. Unfortunately, after countless hours and late nights submitting proposals to the ABC and SBS, we have not been able to secure any funding to finish the film.

However, rest assured this film is going to get made - we owe it to Hunter for letting us into his life, to his son Marley, and to all of you. We have over 40 hours of professionally shot footage with Hunter, showing how he refused to give up and threw himself into his music harder than ever after his diagnosis. We also have hard drives full of Hunter's own self shot footage (some amazing stuff in there!), plenty of dope music of course, Hunter's tweets, YouTube raps, plus excellent interviews with some of the big names of Aussie Hip Hop. We feel this film is going to be something special, and represent the culture from which it emerged. We have put together a minimum budget required to hire a professional editor, produce and print DVDs, hire cinemas for public screenings, and submit the film internationally to film festivals -- it'll be tight, but we think we can do all that for $15000. None of that money will go to the producer or director, who will continue donating their time, and fellow production company WBMC have donated us the use of an edit suite for 6 weeks.

We are now asking for donations through the crowd funding site Pozible to help get this project out into the world where it dbelongs. People who donate over $25 will go into the draw to win an instrumental beat produced by Optamus or Dazastah and recording time with them. Donations over $100 will automatically receive a copy of the DVD posted to them after the cinema screenings have taken place, and in co-operation with Perth apparel company Lukritiv are also giving away some dope limited edition Hunter 'Legacy' T-Shirts to any donations over $200. Please help us make Hunter's film happen by donating whatever you can spare and spreading the word!

Yours faithfully,

Periscope Pictures.

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