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Every Time Holt ROASTED Wuntch | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

Published on 19 Mar 2020 / In Comedy


Holt: Captain Wuntch. Good to see you. But if you’re here, who’s guarding Hades?

Wuntch: I’m the front-runner for a job in the Boston PD.

Holt: Boston? But it’s so close to Salem. You do know what they do to witches up there, don’t you?

Holt: Madeline. I wondered why all the birds had suddenly stopped singing.

Wuntch: I see you got an audience for this little stunt.

Holt: Yes, well, who wouldn’t want to see a man fight a crocodile.

Wuntch: Hello, Raymond. How do you like my new office? Twentieth floor.

Holt: Yes, I never thought I’d see you this high without a broom under you.

Holt: Care to sit? I’m sure you’d like to take some weight off your cloven hooves.

Madeline Wuntch: Call me the devil, Raymond? How original.

Captain Holt: Actually, I was calling you a goat. You goat.

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